Five Tries At Love 2 - Academy

JCSoft Inc.


Can you graduate Jumpscare Academy and find your true love in only five days?

***WHATS NEW:***
Whole NEW Holiday Story Mode, featuring your favorite characters!
2 NEW Endings to unlock!
NEW Tutorial added!
NEW Cash and Energy System, including a store revamp!
MORE secrets to find!

Five Tries At Love 2 is a new original dating sim that is everything you loved about the original game, and even more. From new characters, to new endings and a new story, Five Tries At Love 2:Five Days At Jumpscare Academy will definitely keep you on your feet.

As a student in Jumpscare Academy, you get Five Days to build up love for your fellow students and your favorite animatronic characters! Each day is a different opportunity to find love and you'll have Five Tries At Love! You'll have to talk to them, answer their questions, and give them affection to build up their love for you.

5 Different Characters to date!
11 Different Endings!
Many secrets to find!
Endless fun!

Note: Look forward to new characters and more endings in future updates!

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