Games For Kids HD Free



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Do you have small kids? Do you want to develop kids memory, observation and other skills? Then for you and your kids is intended this game.

The Games For Kids HD Free is mainly intended to play on tablets, but of course it works on phones.

The Games For Kids HD Free consists of many separate games:
IQ games
- Memory game – developing children's memory
- Shoot the balloon – developing children's observation, colour, letters and numbers recognition
- Puzzle – developing children's the perception of the object
- Find it! – developing children's observation
- Guess combination – developing children's memory

Number games (math):
- Addition game - learning kids basic add operation
- Substraction game - learning kids basic substract operation
- Greather, smaller, equals
- Multiplication game
- Division game
- Practicing

Each game of the Games For Kids HD Free has several difficulty level

The Games For Kids HD Free is in a nice graphical form and accompanied by great sound.

In case of problems or ideas, please contact me at

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