Chile Mobile Observatory




Chile Mobile Observatory is an App developed by FundaciĆ³n Imagen de Chile, to deliver a piece of the clearest skies in the world directly to the user's hands.

The pictures displayed here have been taken by some of the largest astronomical observatories on Earth. Most of this infraestructure is built on Chilean land, due to the extraordinary condition it offers for astronomical observation.
The pictures displayed on this App have been taken by the ALMA, ESO (La Silla, Paranal, Chajnantor Pleateau - APEX) and CATA Observatories, among others.

The content displayed on this App is property of its original source, which is properly identified on the description of each piece. The distribution of this content is made according to the specific regulations of each content's owners, without implying the support of those sources of information to Chile Mobile Observatory.

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