Group Buy-Takeaway,Food,Afternoon Tea,Lunch...

Nick Chen



"Group Buy" is a very flexible buy order system, the system allow you design your menu, and each menu can create a purchase order, and the order will be publish to your friends so that they order. Your friends' orders are automatically collected in your phone.
Features are as follows:
(1).The same account can create or join multiple groups (family, company, circle of friends ... and so on), each group can specify a different user name and contact details.
(2).You can create a new menu, import and export an existing menu.
(3).providing storage menu photo feature, you can use the phone's camera, the menu photo archive, so that friends can view photos menu to order.
(4).A friend ordered Product specifications are automatically saved to the menu for easy access next time. That menu item can be automatically pooled automatically by a friend of the ordering process.
(5).Orders can be merged in the order items with commodity specifications.
(6).provides a variety of message notification.For example:When you build Orders can be sent order message,When the arrival can be transmitted delivery message ...,And the text of each message can be customized by the user depending on the actual situation.
(*).Note:Friends can not need to install the application, directly using the browser to place an order.

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