Grate Finger Simulator

Funny App Development



Grate Finger Simulator - a joke application thanks to which you can erase the finger about a virtual grater.
You won't be able to do much harm to the health after all it safely and a grater not real, and it only a joke.
To erase a finger it is impossible to do on the present, but in the virtual world and by means of modern technologies you can look as if it was. Try to erase all finger in Grate Finger Simulator. You can also look how many centimeters of the finger you already erased.
Play together with friends and look at whom it will turn out to erase a finger completely, after all blood on the picture frightens and shocks.
In Grate Finger Simulator - any finger won't suffer, after all it only a joke a trick, with an artificial grater.

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