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chicken recipes - pasta recipes - breakfast recipes - cooking recipes -cake recipesNow it is easy to make Pakistani - Indian and Arabian recipes at home with this complete food recipes guide in Urdu language .This cooking recipe application contain more than 4000 recipes under 40+ different categories. You can save complete category to work offline. A lot of Meat Recipes ,Fish Recipes ,Chicken Recipes , Dasi Recipes and sweet recipes were also added for New Year and Special Fast Food recipes and bakery products recipes for Christmas recipes . سے زیادہ پاکستانی کھانوں کی ترکیبیں +4000 This Pakistani recipe app is a complete guide for the people who are food lover, and who are love to cook. Now you are able to cook multiple dishes with the help of this recipe applications also works offline , you only need to search for your favorite dish you want to cook like Meat recipes - Biryani recipes - cake recipes - Burger recipes - fast food recipes vegetable recipes and many more. This application is best gift at the occasion of Christmas and New year.You can also call it Pakistani recipes - Indian recipes -Punjabi recipes Arabian and Asian recipes.Features of the Dictionary:- Recipes of the Day.- Fast Searching الفاظ کی تلاش - Managing Favorites lists پسندیدہ الفاظ کی فہرست- Auto Suggestion آٹو تجاویز- Also work offline انٹرنیٹ کے بغیر- Urdu keyboard for search recipes in urdu اردو کی بورڈ- Multiple Fonts for urdu styling - Selection for different text sizes.- Selection for different text colors.Some Best Recipes in this app:Aaloo Bharay Parathay,Fish Recipes,Chicken Recipes,Biryani Recipes,Chinese Recipes,Mutton Karahi,Mutton Nihari,Mutton White Karahi,Aloo Chaat,Aloo Kachori,Aloo Kay Samosay,Aloo Ki Tikki,Malai Tikka Biryani,Mango Shake,Masala Gosht,Masala Egg Khakina,Mashed Potatoes,Meethi Dahi Phulki,Namkeen Lassi,Nawabi Tikian,Paya Mutton Handi,Phool Gobi Kay Pakore,Pulao Biryani,Quick Chicken Karahi,Red Bean Chaat,Reshmi Handi,Banana TreatAchari macaroni Romani KababFruit ShieldDahi Bara MixDahi Bara MasalaSpicy Vegetable rollPakoroo ki Chat Dahi kay sath

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