Gitabitan Rabindrasangeet Col.

Avik Banerjee

Books & Reference


Gitabitan is a free app for Android devices (Phones & Tablets) that lets you explore the world of Rabindrasangeet with Lyrics, YouTube links for songs and various other related information (Taal, Raga, Source...) those together reflect the background of those songs.

This App is our sincere attempt to compile Gitabitan with related information for each song collected from various books and internet and also to combine various YouTube audio/ video links for each song in one place. Currently this app is designed only for Android devices. We sincerely appreciate your time and interest and we would love to receive your valuable feedback/ suggestions regarding any thing (design, errors etc.) you like to share and we will put our best efforts to it.

NOTE: This is a non-commercial app. Therefore there would never be any purchase required or any kind of ad inside the app. Main purpose is to distribute Rabindra-sangeet to a larger audience in a more convenient way. I thank you all personally once again for all your supports and encouragements.

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