Baby Care & Tracker




This app make it simple to track all of your babys daily activities and monitoring your babys development. Breastfeeding and Daily Feed Logger * Tracks time nursing per breast and total for daily full nursing session and pumping* Tracks nursing, formula, solids, or any combinationSleep Schedule* Play lullabies before sleeping* Keep last sleep and daily total sleep data with timer or add manually past sleepsDiaper Change & Care Tracker* Time of last diaper changing and type* Last bath type and adding manually other caresHealth Logger* Log medical history such as medications, vaccines and temperature checks* Remind medicines, vaccines and doctor controlsGrowth Tracker* Keep measurement data and compare against WHO averages* Watch baby’s growth and progress over months Milestone Log and Diary* Make custom categories for baby’s first steps, first smile, first words and more* Write a baby journal for remembering important momentsDevelopment* Read monthly baby development and learn what your baby may do this month