Greek Reference: Ancient Greek Lexicon & Syntax

Ben Linskey

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Greek Reference: Ancient Greek Lexicon & Syntax is an open source tool for students of ancient Greek. It contains a full, searchable copy of Liddell and Scott's Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, as well as the text of Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox's Overview of Greek Syntax.


• A complete, searchable Greek lexicon -- no Internet connection required.
• Flexible lexicon search with instant search suggestions. Search using either Beta code or Greek characters.
• Bookmark your favorite lexicon entries and Overview of Greek Syntax sections.
• Browse the Perseus website with properly rendered polytonic Greek characters using the new View on Perseus option. (Requires a network connection.)
• No ads, spyware, or in-app purchases.

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Frequently asked questions:

Thanks to the Perseus Digital Library ( and Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox ( for making the texts included in this app freely available.

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