Power Cooler Master Phone




Power Cooler Master Phone is a temperature monitoring and controlling app, help cooling down phone in real time, control and detection of heat application device and quickly shut the resources to help the phone back to the normal temperature cooling mode phone,device cooler. Power Cooler Master designed to be simple, user-friendly for you to easily cool down CPU cooler.Features Of Power Cooler Master Phone:Cooler Master :Real-Time Device Temperature Monitors your phone temperature in real time, and displays temperature change curves.Cooler Master :One Tap to Cool Down allow you to close overheating apps with 1-tap to reduce CPU usage and cool down your device.Cooler Master :Dynamic Overheating App DetectionAnalyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects applications that are over using CPU to determine the cause for phone over heating.Cooler Master :Overheating Prevention and Protection- Easy to control the temperature of the CPU- Have a warning when the device heats upCONTACT: If you have any questions about the Power Cooler Master Phone, please email us at: khanhlinhbds904@gmail.com

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