Ghost Camera Photo Maker

Dilip Master Apps


Get your imagination moving and create wonderful, realistic photos with Ghosts in it..
Create images as if your own spirit is moving out of your body or you could simply prank someone close and edit their photos with Ghosts in the Background.

This app is very easy and simple to use:-

1- Start the Ghost Camera
2- Click the 1st picture you want using either of the camera(front/back).
3- Using the Camera time your photo and angle of the camera
4- Click 2nd picture and overlay it.
5- Set the order of the photos to get better Ghost Effect. Adjust the opacity of the picture to make it more real.
6- You are now ready to save and share the GHOST Photos with your friends n family.

This is very unique Ghost Camera Photo Maker that lets you create Spirit Photos as well as Ghost Photos.

Enjoy using it.

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