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??? Real performance Enhancer???

No ADS version

play games and applications at the highest performance without ever getting stuck ( freeze & scratch). CPU,RAM and other hardware features increase performance automatically with one click.

what can I do for you?
the device can correct latency problems by increasing visible fps values, enabling you to play smoother games.

" CPU boost tweak " < /b> The only application that works with logic by offering you to increase the Processor Speed at the same time we help to cool the Processor. we offer higher-level application and game acceleration by creating tweaks to system applications.

Game Boost& App Boost

for normal users;
Speeds up the services used by games and applications in the background.
> Designed for tablets and phones.
> Works for all applications.
Speed up any application and games without hassle with simple and simple use
> Advanced game acceleration
> Advanced application acceleration
> Maximum performance-all CPU cores work at the highest speed.
> Does not freeze - all CPU cores remain awake.
> Best benchmark score -(Antutu, Geekbench, Quadrant)
> SD card speed optimization
> RAM-Free tweaks apply

advanced users [requires root]

> Two separate root modes | MEGA boost & ultra boost/

- MEGA boost -

* speed up your play to fill
* All CPU cores are run at high speed.
* CPU is optimized for high performance


* For benchmarks and powerful games device speeds
* All CPU options are run at maximum speed
* All CPU cores are forced to stay awake
CPU is optimized for maximum performance
* RAM-Free tweaking is applied
* For maximum performance, SD card boost applies to tweak

game Accelerator pro improves device performance, increases processor speed, and is completely free!

Now load game Accelerator pro and unleash the real potential of your phone!

* Note:
- Root users are not responsible for problems that will occur in the device

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