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The app, which was ranked as the best geek app in Brazil by the magazine VejaSP in 2015, is a new face.

In this new version we focus on four points that will further cause the application to modernize and dare new things that no app has been able to bring yet.
We eliminated the crashes (bugs that made the app close by itself) definitely something that had bothered us since its release.

With our database of more than 200 sites, we saw the possibility of having the themes rather than being separated by the portals themselves, being separated by sub-themes, thus covering even more each category that the application has.

The app is now compatible with YouTube channels, taking advantage of some loopholes that the video streaming service itself makes available.
We also make the news more partial so that the user only knows who published it when he opens it, thus giving visibilities to small channels, websites and portals.

As said, it presents you with more than two hundred sites for you to access from anywhere, sites like Rain of Nanking, Mega Curioso, Globo Sport, Lance, Student Guide, Omelette, Movies with Rapadura, Young Nerd, Cifra Club, Sensationalista, Ah Negão , among many other excellent sites.

With an innovative proposal in the Brazilian market, providing the best content of the Brazilian internet and best of all it is that was thinking about the economy of your data package, after all you can see the best news before accessing the content.

You can not leave it until later, download Geek Brasil now and do not regret to go with us to infinity and beyond.

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