Ghost in Photo Camera Prank

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If you are one of the ghost games and scary camera prank lovers, Ghost in Photo Camera Prank is a perfect new free app you must have in your mobile phone or tablet! This “ghost in photo app” will make you a real “ghost prank” expert! Take a selfie or choose an image from your camera gallery, put a “ghost in ur pic” in just a few clicks, and you will get a totally new photo prank which you can use to deceive your friends. Add a “ghost in your photo” and make others believe you really managed to escape the ghost town. Become the hero of ghost tales, download Ghost in Photo Camera Prank for free, edit your photos and tell ghost jokes, supported by a real scary spirit picture you've made all by yourself!

☻ Best “ghost in my picture” editing software!
☻ Choose a photo from the gallery or take a new one!
☻ Add one of the variety of spirit images we've provided for you!
☻ Edit the picture and arrange as you like!
☻ Share your new “photo prank” on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to scare your friends!

Have you ever wanted to make your new cool pic look scary? With “Ghost in Photo Camera Prank” it's easier than ever. All you have to do is take a selfie or a photo of you and your friend, choose one of many spirit images from the set in this app, post it at the back of your pic and your new scary prank masterpiece is ready to be saved in the picture gallery or shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The old way of photo editing by adding frames and effects became boring to you? Photo collage makers are not interesting any longer? Try making a “camera prank” by adding a ghost in your house to your photography, or put a “ghost face” right in your mirror reflection. Post it on your profile, and introduce yourself as a ghost hunter!

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If you want to be the star of your friend's pajama party, show the pic of a ghost talking to you and invent ghost stories to amuse your friends. Ghost in Photo Camera Prank will make photo editing a lot easier and more amusing! You don't need online picture editor, just download this free app for your phone or tablet, take a picture with the camera or choose from the photo album and edit pictures whenever you want! Create cool pics on your Android™ device and become the master of camera pranks. You too can be like those camera prank makers from the TV. Put your imagination into practice, add a spirit on your image, and create a scary camera prank like a pro! You can also make a “ghost wallpaper” for your phone in a few easy steps with one of the spirits that best suit your pic from the gallery.

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You don't have to be a photoshop expert to create a scary instaphoto or a fb cover with a spirit. All you need is a camera, imagination and Ghost in Photo Camera Prank! Camera pranks will become your cup of tea! Insert spirit images to any of your pictures and get a completely new pic to show to your friends. Your new fb profile picture with a spirit will get a like from everyone when you share your new scary camera prank. Make scary pics for free, when you feel bored and need entertainment, make a joke with some old pictures of you, by simply inserting a spirit in the background. This app offers you the opportunity to add real spirits to the pictures and make the scariest pranks the world has ever seen! Have fun scaring your friends with some cool frightening pics and enjoy their reactions! Download this free photo editing software and be imaginative!

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