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The best part of this app is you get a new quote every day.

There are mainly three tabs:
• Popular
• All
• Saved

Here you can find most liked and saved quotes by girls :)

This is for surfing new quote. We will upload new quotes every day :)

In saved tab, you can view all the quotes which you can use later for your WhatsApp status or any social media platform.

Missing that quote which you have seen yesterday? Oh that's fine simply you just need to like that quote and you will find it here in liked tab

Set you best girl quote aside
You can save the best girly quote by tapping download button.

Easy to use
Very easy to use interface just swipe left and right to read the best girly quote and easily set as your WhatsApp status or FB status.

Girly Quotes With New WhatsApp Image Status
Download the strong girly quotes with an image for the new Whatsapp Image status and use it as an Instagram story or with the WhatsApp status.

Get Latest Girly Quotes
You can download latest girly quotes from an online database and read the girls' attitude status later.

There are several additional functions also in this application to make your android experience far much better.

• Easy to scroll and navigate.
• Share on Social Networking Sites.
• Share via Bluetooth, email, and message.
• Awesome colour and luminescence HD images.

This application is based on the real girls' feelings and attitude towards life. It implicates the reality of girls life and shows how tough she is from the inner self. This app will make a girl think about what are they really and what they can be by changing some thoughts and negative attitude to the positive one.

This app will boost confidence in sharing girls' view and her thoughts. It is very easy to use and share your feelings through quotes. It will generate a positive attitude in girls and make them feel more comfortable in expressing themselves.

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