Goodsomnia Lab: Snore detection and analytics

Goodsomnia AB (Sweden)

Health & Fitness

Goodsomnia Lab is a mobile tool for extensive recording and analysis of snoring. This provides wider sleep event analysis (all levels of snoring, talking or walking during the night, and other noise fixation in the room) and co-morbid health issues risk assessment using body biomarkers data.

The app was created to support the company's core patented technology - Goodsomnia Stop-snoring device - during the whole product usage cycles.

Goodsomnia has a solution for snoring treatment that is based on its patented bio-mechanical muscle stimulation device that looks similar to an electric toothbrush, and an app powered by the machine learning algorithm. It needs to be used for 30-60 seconds a day for 3 weeks with an effect that lasts up to a few months before the need to repeat (the product launch – Q4 2019).

Why Goodsomnia Lab is helpful?

The app will help:

- Prove if you or your partner are snoring, and whether that snoring is dangerous for a person’s health
- Record how you sound and what it looks like during sleep
- Track and control the effectiveness of the stop-snoring devices which you use
- You to be aware of health risk signals, getting the alternative information to be able to change your lifestyle or habits in a timely manner
- Improve personal life performance.

Goodsomnia Lab - app features:

- Deep snoring analytics (analysis powered by Machine Learning algorithm)
- Sleep efficiency tracking (personal sleep assistant)
- Alarm clock (sync with sleep event recording automatically)
- Goodsomnia Stop-snoring device support (personal recommendations, treatment plan templates, usage scheduling, usage check and remaining, progress tracking)
- Remote monitoring (data history, connection with a doctor on request).

If you have a question or want to share your opinion about our app, please email us

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