Guess The Caricature Logo Quiz




Guess The Caricature! Guess the celebrity caricatures drawn like cartoon characters in this brand new, free logo quiz game. Featuring movie stars, TV characters, hip hop stars, basketball players and more.

This little quiz app is perfect to kill time in office or when bored in school. Over 80 caricatures to guess will represent a challenge to your celebrities knowledge.

If you like simple, addicting and fun to play games - this family friendly quiz game for kids and adults will entertain you for hours.

Type the word from offered characters ones you see the caricature. Every correct guess will earn you coins that you can spend to purchase several types of help.

We have the caricatures, do you have the answers? Have fun!

Guess The Caricature Logo Quiz is copyright of Peaksel Games - 2014. No parts of the app including caricatures may be used without permission.

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