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This app is used to convert gif animations to videos for sharing with your friends via whatsapp or something else. After successful convert you can share the newly created video directly with your friends. In the converted video there will be a watermark. If you want to remove the watermark you can do it for little money.

If you like to set your own watermark, you have to click on the video screen to open watermark settings. (This works only for those who have paid to remove the watermark)

This app can not convert all types of GIF files properly. In some of the converted video files there may be disorders and errors! Please consider this when your feedback.

The available settings are:
- Instagram compatibility
- Select the number of repeatings
- Resolution
- Framerate
- Video codec mp4 or avi
- Select the video filename
- Select the output folder
- Select the download folder

If you have problems at the video creation, reduce the output video resolution.
If you still experiencing memory problems, your Device memory is maybe too low.

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