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Cycling is not fevered, with salted fish, fevered without individual character, the stronghold and lu Sir!Still thinking of old clock, frequency? Forget it, it's time for a night ride a storm of revolution, cool app is dazzle chakras cycling products of intelligent control the core, through simple installation dazzle wheel series products, ordinary bicycle luxuriant upgrading trend of intelligent, have thought of a lamp with the function of clock wheels can show the boss's face yourself or colorful display of all sorts of text design? Have thought of tail lights not only lights can also edit show design text? Or do you just asked a simple small price low frequency... That app download dazzle round quickly, go with your heart cool practical cycling series intelligent products, give you shining riding experience.Through the cool APP to control different hardware products, you can:1, photo editing, the custom text, DIY graffiti, download massive dazzle figure to send data via bluetooth, displayed on the wheel and the text, images, dynamic figure;3, a built-in clock hardware real-time cycling data displayed on the app, make your exercise more reasonable;4, for every happy, sad, pain or love in the heart, to the world the expression of anger is not the same;5, fevered also can't forget the most important, because the lamp bead highlighted so striking, it really make your ride more rest assured!6, management dazzle wheel series hardware devices, to build their own personality cycling combination!7, more secret secret GPS anti-theft tracking equipment developing...Cool, light is not only a way. More products, please click http://ixuanlun.com/