Grow Ops Weed Firm Game

Legion Of Apes

Role Playing


Do you have what it takes to run a Grow Op? If you think you can manage a weed firm, welcome!

Be aware, crooked cops want their share of your pie; cannabis sativa pie that is. Your family is very needy and always ask for weed. Even your priest wants in on the action chanting weeeeed! It’s a crazy world out there, are you ready for it?

Get ready to:
-Plant and raise new marijuana strains and use different pots and fertilizers to increase your harvests
-Customize your weed shop to attract new customers
-Increase your pot profits by interacting with colorful stoners while you roll a joint with them
-Defend your shop from thugs, crocked cops and zombies
- Sale to other players - the Union
- 420 Distribution

GrowOps™ Game is free to play, unlike weed!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to smile, life is beautiful!

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