Guitar Droid Lite

Vicente Pastor Mateo

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Guitar Droid lite is a multitouch configurable guitar with 24 scale types, 18 chord types, configurable tunings, sound effects and audio engine with up to 16 simultaneous voices .
Guitar Droid lite can be played with one hand, touching the screen, or with two hands, selecting the notes in the fingerboard with one hand while with the other hand you can touch, strum or arpeggiate like on a real guitar.

Guitar Droid lite is also designed for left-handed and is fully configurable:
- Three guitars: Acoustic, Classical and Electric.
- Frets number: from 2 to 13 frets
- Strings number: from 1 to 6 strings
- Individual string tuning
- Capo
- Left-handed guitar

You can see and listen to 24 scale types and 18 chord types all along the fingerboard as well as the note info pulsed, on screen.
You can choose between 2 alternatives tunings and 2 pre-configured instruments or create your own.

Guitar Droid lite includes a sound effects rack:
- Fuzz
- Echo
- Reverb

¡And strings move!

Scales: Major, Natural minor, Harmonic minor, Melodic minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian, Blues, Pentatónic, Diatonic, Hexatonic, Augmented, Diminished, Flamenco, Argelian, Egyptian, Hindu, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Javaneese, Balinese.

Chords: Major, Major 6, Major 7maj, Major 7, Major 9maj, Major 9, Major 11, Minor, Minor 6, Minor 7maj, Minor 7, Minor 9, Minor 11, Augmented, Augmented 7, Augmented 9, Diminished, 4ª suspended.

Alternative tunings: Cross Note, Fourths.

Pre-configured instruments: Balalaika, Ukelele.

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