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The NEXT Trucking app instantly connects owner-operators, dispatchers, and other carriers with available loads from shippers. This online trucking marketplace gives truckers the opportunity to move more freight by finding full truckloads to fill dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds. With the NEXT Trucking app, carriers can find these jobs in seconds, altogether creating a better supply-chain process. Dispatchers enjoy the same benefits as well as a full fleet management software right on their phones, for free.  NEXT Trucking's app offers a variety of services designed to make carriers' jobs easier, including:• A list of available truckloads ready to be booked in seconds• Load transparency, which eliminates confusion about pickup instructions, contents, etc.  • Ability to choose preferred pickup and dropoff destinations, rates, and type of loads• QuickPay option for payment within 48 hours• 40% fuel advance upon approval• Electronic Bill of Lading (BOL) and Proof of Delivery (POD) to eliminate the stress of having a paper version lost or damaged As a dispatcher, the NEXT Trucking app provides: • Loads available to be booked in seconds• Ability to assign drivers to booked loads right on your phone• Fleet progress tracking• Chat function for seamless communication between you and your carriers on the app In addition to their mobile app, NEXT Trucking provides a web platform offering all of these features, and more! For dispatchers, the free fleet management service also has an accounting feature and options to organize your tractors, trailers, and carriers in the most efficient.  If you are a shipper, go check out to see our partners and start shipping with us.