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get2Clouds is the all-in-one privacy and online security app. It’s cost FREE & AD-FREE and multiplatform.

Featuring an E2E encrypted Messenger, encrypted file transfers and encrypted synchronization with you existing cloud provider, get2Clouds is a one-stop solution for protecting your data.

get2Clouds uses AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) to provide extreme security when messaging with friends, family or clients. Use get2Clouds to send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, voice messages, client records, confidential data…

Switch from apps that harvest your data to the secure bubble of get2Clouds. We don't store your data or sell it to third parties. Using get2Clouds, all your data is encrypted before leaving your device. Then, it just passes through our secure servers in the form of unstructured binary junk. Only your intended receiver, also running get2Clouds, would be able to unencrypt it.

Why use get2Clouds?

• NO FEES: get2Clouds cost FREE. It just uses the available connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-FI) to let you send messages or files to your clients, friends or family

• SYNC MAJOR CLOUD PROVIDERS: Compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Sugarsync.

• COMPATIBLE WITH SFTP PROTOCOL NAS DEVICES: Keep your local server secure.

• SEND LARGE FILES FREE: Fast, encrypted file transfers of unlimited size on the go.
Transfer photos, videos, documents, voice messages all within the secure bubble of get2Clouds. No size limit.

• CHAT IN PRIVATE MESSENGER: Send private messages, images, files, videos, chat with friends, colleagues, clients in a secure E2E encrypted zone.

• ANONYMOUS 555 NUMBER: Pick your own ´555´number. It makes you reachable just by those you choose. Alternately you can also register your SIM number.

• NO SIM CARD NEEDED: Using our ´555´numbers you can chat even in SIM-less devices like tablets.

• PRIVATE GROUP CHAT: The most secure group chat option. Enjoy private group chats with your friends and securely communicate and collaborate with work colleagues and clients.

• CHAT ACCESS PIN PROTECTED: Ensure your chat is secure and set a personalized PIN to access your chat.

• get2Clouds DESKTOP: You can also send and receive transfers and chat in the private messenger right from your computer.

• BUSINESS PACKAGE: Commercial versions tailored to business needs available.

• ADFREE: No annoying pop up adverts. Just complete privacy!

• USER FRIENDLY: Easy-to-use with a simple user interface and drag and drop functionality.

• MULTI LANGUAGES: Supports up to 15 languages.

• AND MUCH MORE: Pause/exit and seamlessly resume transfers. Optional self-destructing messages. Set time you want file to be sent. Sync up to three devices. File transfer links only work once. All data is encrypted, including file names and category definitions.

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