Mystery Match

Outplay Entertainment Ltd



Mystery Match is a free match game that combines puzzle-solving and jewel-matching fun with a challenging mystery to unravel. Are you up for the challenge?Experience an enchanting, post-Edwardian setting brimming with aristocracy and allure as you take an exciting adventure through glamorous, international locales. Match jewels to find hidden objects and clues as you follow the shadowy trail of a legendary inventor. Along the way youll meet fascinating characters, discover surprising secrets, and uncover a hidden world of mystery, danger and intrigue.Features• Hundreds of challenging levels• Enjoy exciting jewel-matching fun and a captivating saga• Pit your detective skills against countless spectacular levels across glamorous and exotic locations • Solve challenging puzzles to unravel a complex and riveting story • Invite your friends to join the fun • Master 5 game modes as your quest takes you deeper into the mystery• Find hidden objects, and discover new clues in the best detective puzzle gameIts time to take your puzzle solving and detective skills to the limit in this unique match-3 puzzle game Join a detective duo on a one-of-a-kind, globetrotting adventure. Can you help them uncover hidden secrets and solve the mystery before its too late?Join Emma and Julian on Facebook and Twitter:Facebook/MysteryMatch@MysteryMatch

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