Gun Killer:Sniper




Welcome to Experience Third Person Shooting Game.
Burst, Damage, Enemy Die.
All kinds of exquisite weapons, more cool burst sense, to bring you the most realistic shooting experience, mission to save the world feeling become a generation of stranglehold! Many difficulty levels, rich weapon system, hard Liansha dubbing, take you into our world. Here you need to seize every minute and second, circumspect. Rational use of weapons and equipment, carefully calculated the cost and income of every battle, ready to once again battle of ammunition and new equipment purchase. A wealth of incentive mechanism, realistic shooting experience. Don't hesitate to join us!
★★★Game features:
★All kinds of assault rifles And snipers such as AK47,Barrett,M4,M40A3,SVD,AWP,AWM,DSR50,WA2000,M200,M60G,MG3,Scout,Finland Star and so on,and other props will help you complete the task.
★Third person shooting with 3D vision, shocking visual effects shot refreshedly, fully and delightfully experience! Zombie, kidnappers, scene, all 3D producing, build perfect third shooter game be personally on the scene.
★Perfect model: the game has guard mode and sniping mode, bring super cool feeling!
★Busy streets, ice and snow world and other extreme scene map, let you experience the wonderful world of different scenes of the journey!

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