Goalkeeper Training




The application contains 53 free exercises which are completely described and illustrated by computer pictures. Most of them are completed by a video. In the chapter “Crosses” (16 – 19 and adults ➔ Technical and tactical preparation ➔ Crosses), you can find a complete training session with all parameters. You can buy the other exercises in a pack of 10. New training sessions with different topics will regularly be proposed to the coaches.

• Free exercises: 53
• Free videos: 51
• Free diagrams: 55
• Free explanations: 4
• Free training sessions: 2

• Paying exercises: 333
• Videos which complete the paying exercises: 315
• Paying diagrams: 373
• Paying explanations: 5
• Paying training sessions: 15

You need an internet connection to download and watch the free videos. After have bought a first pack, you can download and store all the free videos on your smartphone or tablet.

Alexander VENCEL
• UEFA Pro license coach
• 20 years professional goalkeeper (587 games)
• Coach: Le Havre Atletic Club, Racing Club Strasbourg
• FIFA consultant and instructor for goalkeeping

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