Gleams Logic Game

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Do you think you are smart? Only one in a million can go through this game

Few can go through the puzzle to the end
Arrange all the parts in the correct order to pass the level
Different sets of forms will make the game more fun

Rules of the game

In total you have 13 figures, their number is invariable and does not depend on the level. Each level of the game can be played using different shapes. The more ways you find to pass the level, the more points you will earn.

How to play

Select a shape
Place in the field, if necessary rotate or reflect it
Fill in the figures with the whole field, so that there are no empty places and the figures do not intersect with each other

Crediting of game points

For each new variant of the arrangement of the figures you are awarded points depending on the complexity of the level plus bonus points. The more options for the arrangement of figures you will find the more bonus points you get.

The puzzle is perfect for children and adults


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