Helicopter 3D Rescue Parking

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Helicopter 3D Rescue Parking is both a flight simulator and a skill arcade game with an amazing graphics and chopper modules
MULTIPLAYERFly your helicopter against other pilots and friends
✔ ✔ CHALLENGING 32 hard tracks to fly round. do not crash your chopper
✔ ✔ ✔ STUNNING An amazing world to fly around with your rescue helicopter


Some of what makes this game so good Construction 3D Truck Parking
✔ 36 levels Fly your helicopter low and fast to complete all 36 flying levels
✔ 3 challenging modes to play with Easy ( Defender Scout ), Medium (Air Ambulance ), Hard ( Mil Heavy Lifter )
✔ Replay AND Multiplayer so you can fly and race against real people and race to tell your friends!


Check out these 3 awesome helicopters to fly on your rescue missions.

Defender Scout Chopper - Use to fly around disaster areas, Fly in narrow places, the perfect choice for flying a scout mission
Air Ambulance Helicopter - So your helicopter landed in the disaster area and now you need to evacuate people. This is your best choice
Mil-26 Heavy lifter - This bad boy is designed to heavy lift and carry big loads, perfect for assisting the ground rescue crew


Helicopter 3D Rescue Parking is an advanced flying simulator arcade game created for easy flying and manouvering allowing you to fly the 3d helicopters easily so you can keep an eye on the rescue path and not crash


Some more key features you will surly enjoy in the car game
✔ 3 steering options for max comfort and accuracy( Race,Tilt, Wheel )
✔ Free instant revives for those moments when u just went too far with your truck
✔ Awesome replay options to show off to your friends



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