Forest Commando Shooting

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In forest you have to survive for a long period of time span. Enemy army is residing in your country.Only brave dare to battle.Forest Commando Shooting is 3rd person shooting adventures game.You are the best soldier with highly equipped advance weapons of the world. Your duty is to Sharp attack the base camp of your worst enemies. Go behind the enemy lines as a front line commander act just like a secret agent kill your enemy just like a sharp killer your adversary, sharp and clear different waves of your opponents and special advice don’t forget to realize that your competitor's are also the best soldier also fig from advance Guns and many vehicles gunship helicopter and also many other kind of weapons. This game has four levels which have different tasks in every level and the strategy of every level is totally changed from each level. The best challenging story mode game So be Aware be careful to play this pretty awesome adventures jungle game with stunning environment jungle game after playing this adventures mountain jungle pack I assure you! You will obligate to give 5 stars.
Level 1 :
The level one is first test of your shooting skill the level consist of three waves of your opponents crush all your enemies with a specific strategy for Unlock the Level 2..
Level 2:
The strategy of Level 2 is to get the oil truck after killing all the enemies .
Level 3:
After getting the Oil truck another awesome feature of this game is that you are able to drive the truck protect your truck on muddy track and also from enemies..
Level 4:
This last level fill the oil in helicopter tanker and fly your helicopter and attack on enemies..

Silent features:
~ 3rd Person Shooting Game
~ 100% Free
~ Best Control and GUI
~ Machine Gun
~ Natural Environment
~ Wonderful Sound

** Aiming from the center of the Screen.
** Fire Button on bottom right.
** Zoom button is above Fire Button.
** Top left corner Displays Enemies Killed Total number of Enemies.
** Top right corner displays No. of Rounds/Bullets used.
** This game has four parts in first part you have to clear 10 waves of enemies.
** Bottom right corner displays joy stick for player movement.
** Right to joystick there is a toggle button to switch between Player Run and walk.
** Right to Walk/Run button there is Toggle Button for Crouch/Sit and normal position.
** Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!
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