Androidomatic Keyer

Templaro Team



This open-source application presents a list of editable phrases, then plays the selected phrase as morse code (or Hellschriber) through the sound output. The audible tones produced may be used directly if a modulated signal is desired, but the sound can also be routed through an easy-to-build radio interface which converts this sound into on/off keying for the transmitter. See for details.


* generate CW or Hellschreiber tones
* unlimited list of editable phrase memories
* 'beacon mode' with geo-location awareness
* can generate code for non-english Latin characters, Russian, and Japanese.

a girl adrift
adventure capitalist
altos adventure
angry bird
angry birds
angry birds
angry birds pc
angry birds rio
angry birds rio
angry birds star wars
angry birds star wars
archery king
archery master 3d
army men strike
avakin life 3d virtual world