Great American Sniper



Great American Sniper is a first-person shooter game. You are the great shooter, who can strike terrorists. Shoot terrorists, destroy their remnants and effectively combat their terror activities.

Great American Sniper has simple controls. Simply search for terrorists hidden in the building and use deadly shooting sniper rifle to kill them.

Great American Sniper has the following interesting features

• Upgrade shooting guns and weapons
• Earn coins by shooting terrorists
• Use virtual currency instead of your real money
• Try out various shooting guns and experience of real shootout
• Better navigation map to see around military base, where a large number of extremely dangerous terrorists are gathered
• Make use of city map to locate remnants of terrorists and destroy their terror hubs

Great American Sniper is a time-based shooter game and you must shoot all enemies within a specified period of time. Realistic sound and graphics has made this game more perfect and enjoyable for shooting experts.

If you like Great American Sniper, please share with your friends who love shooting games. Should you have any suggestion, please feel free to share your feedback so we can make it a better shooting game.

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