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Gurbani Nirvaan is a humble effort to present a Feature Rich App as a Complete Gurbani Reference for those who adore Gurbani.

• Efficient "Gurbani Search", which can be performed in FOUR ways
- On Sentences typing first alphabet of the word in a sentence in Gurmukhi / English
- Word(s) and phrase(s) in Gurmukhi / English Translation.

• Bookmark and create Groups for direct access and reference of search results.

• Import / Export Bookmarks and re-order them by manually dragging them to desired position.

• "Read Gurbani" anywhere anytime with continuity while saving the current state of the Bani being read so that user can continue reading from the same "ang" after exiting the application.

• "Share Gurbani" via Facebook, Twitter, Emails, G+ etc.

• Swipe Navigation to next / previous "ang", while Highlighting the Search Tuk.

• Home Screen will present you with something new to ponder upon every time you open the App, inspiring you to Read and Search Gurbani.

• Emphasize individual reading preferences from Gurmukhi, Hindi, Phonetic or English by dynamically adjusting the Font-Size.

• Detailed Help included in the app.

Download Gurbani Files after installing the App, you can download all or selected banis.

At most care has been taken while composing Gurbani still there is a chance for humble human errors, your support for pointing out the correction will be highly appreciated. Further Banis can also be introduced / updated in the Nitnem section, kindly oblige us by also facilitating the softcopy for the same.

Feel free to write for feature updates that you wish to see in the App.

Special Thanks to Kulbir S. Thind (MD) and Sant Singh Khalsa (MD)
(for Gurmukhi, Hindi fonts and Source of Gurbani used in this App.)

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