Guess the character of La Que Se Avecina

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Guess LQSA is a question and answer game made primarily for all fans and followers of this Spanish television series.

Have fun moments remembering the names of all the characters that passed through the vicinity of LQSA throughout all their seasons. You will find beloved characters like:

-Amador Rivas
-Antonio Recio
-Raquel Villanueva
-Maite Figueroa
-Coque Calatrava

And many other characters participating in this series!

Game features:
-More than 40 unique and different levels.
-Includes the most popular characters of each season of the series.
-5 different unlockable categories.
-Rewards and clues systems.
-Request help your friends by sending a message to any social network.

Whats the game about?
Guess The Haunting is a trivia where you will have to guess the name of each of the characters shown in the levels through his representative photo. The images will contain the actors of the LQSA series edited to make the game more difficult.

It also has a system of coins and rewards that are useful for receiving tracks at difficult levels.

How to play?
To play, you just have to select a category and begin to complete each of the respective levels, as you complete a certain amount of levels by unlocking the rest of the levels as each level requires a minimum of resolved questions.

Likewise, this LQSA game offers the possibility of requesting help at any level by sending a message to your friends and family members of any social network with the level where you are stuck for free help.

This is a trivia that is looming that only true fans of this fun series can successfully complete.

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