GPS Coordinates GPS Location



GPS Coordinate(Latitude & Longitude)
The application need not use internet..

You can see your latitude and longitude subsequently updated..

1.The phone has to be UNDER THE SKY or near a window to receive the location initially..
2.In case your device GPS isn't switched ON by the app at start-up , Enable it in 'Open GPS Settings' )

You can copy it/send via mail/sms to your friend to tell him your location...
Movable to SD CARD...
This is a simple application which lets you find your Latitude and Longitude and share them via SMS/e-mail.
You can also share them via social network apps installed in your device..

1.switches GPS on.
2.shows Latitude & Longitude in two horizontal scroll views.
3.copy both Latitude & Longitude to clipboard.
4.share coordinates via SMS or e-mail etc
5.share location on google maps via SMS or e-mail etc

This 'GPS Coordinates' application has no Maps and DO NOT use internet connection..

The user has to be UNDER THE SKY to receive the location initially..

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