Gear Design

José Fernández



This application is used to obtain the main dimensions of spur and helical gears.
This version is limited to individual gears.

Input data:
- Number of teeth.
- Normal Module.
- Pressure angle.
- Helix angle. (For helical gears).
- Number of teeth measured. (Limited to 3 in this version).
- Correction of tooth profile. (Limited to 0 in this version).
- Correction toothed head. (Limited to 0 in this version).

- Module apparent or tangential. (For helical gears).
- Axial module. (For helical gears).
- Modulo base.
- Step normal diametral
- Step diametrical apparent or tangential. (For helical gears).
- Step usual.
- Step apparent or tangential. (For helical gears).
- Step axial. (For helical gears).
- Step regular basis.
- Step apparent basis or tangential. (For helical gears).
- Addendum.
- Dedendum.
- Tooth depth.
- Pitch diameter.
- Outer diameter.
- Diameter base.
- Diameter background.
- Normal tooth thickness.
- Apparent thickness or tangential tooth. (For helical gears).

- Unlimited number of teeth and modules.
- Notice when you are not using a standard module.
- Notice when scour will occur on the teeth.
- Possibility to export the results to a file.
- Graphical Explanation of the most important parameters.
- 7 languages​​: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Russian.
- Simple interface.

For any questions or improves contact in the email that appears in the application.

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