Christian Music Radio - Religious Tunes, Mass




Radio app with a strong focus on Christianity, hymns, Christian music and mass. Great for all religious people!

Do you often find yourself enjoying listening to church hymns, Christian-themed songs and related religious music? With this application you will be able to load many radio stations playing such music through a stylish app interface which is both easy to use and intuitive at the same time.

Christian music can help you remove stress from your life, feel relaxed and more in connection with the important parts of life such as family, friends, etc. Moreover, it will help increase your faith and hope at hard times of your life and make you feel refreshed.

"Christian Music Forever Radio" will let you stream your favorite music through internet access, not through FM or AM. This way you can listen to radio stations that transmit from really far, without having to deal with static, bad reception and awful audio quality problems! As long as you have online access, you will be able to stream all stations, even if they transmit from a different state or even country!

What music you can expect to listen to: Christian hymns, the Sunday mass, readings from the Holy Gospel, sermons, as well as Christian pop, sometimes even Christian rock!

***Spectacular Features!***

* Crystal clear audio quality
* Fast loading of stations no matter your connection speed
* Easy to use, just select station and tap Play.
* Amazing musical experience due to access to more than 20 radio stations for Christian music.
* Free app!

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