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Are you a fan of oldies style music, such as swing, jazz, soul, big band, etc? You do not want to miss this unique opportunity!

"Golden Oldies Radio" is our brand new app, dedicated to fans of quality oldies music of various genres. You can expect to be able to listen to anything between jazz, rockabilly, soul, rhythm and blues, swing etc!

We have collected the most popular radio stations worldwide for this kind of music and are aggregating all of them in a single application, for the ultimate oldies music radio experience!

Music streams to your device from more than 30 radio stations through your internet access, not through common airwaves radio. This sophisticated way of streaming online music eliminates typical radio problems such as bad reception, static and low audio quality, but also allows you to stream music from stations broadcasting from another state or even country!

What our app offers:

- Many radio stations for "oldies but goldies", through their high audio quality streaming link
- Low loading times regardless of the internet connection speed, WiFi or 3G/4G
- Stylish interface, easy to use for everyone!
- Small application size, suitable for every Android device above 2.3
- Comfortable, convenient, hassle-free musical experience
- Free forever!

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