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This application allows the user to stay informed about Greek news, fast and easy, using any Android device, phone or tablet.

With a simple and easy to use application interface, the user can select any news agencies among more than 15 and view all news that are broadcasted by that agency, live.

"Greek News Online" uses a feature called RSS feeds to stream all news entries of particular news websites on the app, the same moment the website publishes them!

RSS feeds allow users to check the news fast, without unnecessary graphics or ads, through a compact theme which displays each news article on a line, with a title, an image and a summary of a story. To read the full story, all the user needs to do is click at the article.

We have included the majority of the most popular news agencies of Greece. Among them are the news section of TV Channels, newspapers, news blogs, news portals, as well as the websites of many radio stations dealing with news. With so many options to choose among, there will be no news to escape you! In fact, it does not take long to browse through the news agencies for interesting or important stories, because the interface of the app makes the whole process fast and easy.

Spend less time checking the news, and don't waste your data loading heavy websites, full of sponsored content. This app has all important news sources included, so you will not have to exit it at all!

***The Features***

* Stylish and compact app
* Huge list of news sources of Greece
* Politics, finance, sports, business, even lifestyle and gossip news sources!
* The most popular news websites and news blogs of the country
* Free!

Let us know if you have criticism, comments or other feedback. Just send us an e-mail and we will be back to you as soon as possible.

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