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"Gospel Spiritual Radio" is the latest achievement of Android radio apps - a compact, stylish app which allows you to stream radio stations from all around the world through a single and extremely easy to use interface.

Gospel and Christian music is very popular worldwide. We are offering you a hassle-free radio experience by adding many radio stations of this particular musical genre in this app, so you can tune in to any of them, at any given time, for free!

The application user interface is easy to use - all the user needs to do is choose among the stations added and tap Play. Music will play and media information display, such as song title and artist will show at the bottom if the stream includes it. This allows fast song identification which helps in recognizing previously unknown songs!

Our advanced streaming techniques make the app load music fast regardless of the internet connection speed or the distance of the station transmitter - after all, no FM airwaves are used, only internet access through 3G/4G networks or, even better, WIFI access. This eliminates any hassle occurring when you get static or low audio quality from radio.

With "Gospel Spiritual Radio" you get easy access to gospel and related Christian music and hymns - from your sofa, while commuting and anywhere else you got access to internet. It is a free application, suitable for all devices running Android 2.3 and above. All you need is an internet access!


* Very wide list of stations for gospel music, Southern and contemporary
* Stylish, easy to use app
* Loads music fast, the same moment that it is broadcasted from the stations
* Media information display
* Free app!

Do not hesitate to drop us a line if there is some error with the stations or if you have comments and criticism - just send us a message and we will work on it!

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