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Gryphu Lord



If you are a fan of sports and always like to stay informed about Greek sports news, you should not miss on this unique app opportunity!

We have integrated the most popular sports news sources in the country in a simple, easy to use and compact app - news web portals, sites of newspapers, and sports agencies. The 13 most popular Greek sports news sources are included!

All these sources will directly load their news in your device, the moment the news are published on their respective websites, so you will not have to visit many different websites just to chekc on the latest sports news

This immediate loading is a direct advantage of using RSS feeds - a fast and reliable way to view news, avoiding loading large websites and spending too much time and data.

The RSS feeds included will show the news in a simple yet powerful view, allowing for the user to read the summary and check the associated image before they commit to reading the whole story. Obviously, this helps users spend less of their cellular network data and way less time as compared to loading each website separately!


* Many news sources for all kinds of sports
* Save time and data
* Get informed fast, through a single app
* Small size, powerful features!
* Easy to use for everyone
* Android 2.3 and up
* Free app!

Please note that we decided to add 4 news sources for news about particular Greek teams - but sadly, we did not manage to find many of those and we have only included 4. If you are a supporter of another team and you know of some news website related to it, let us know so we could add it in an app update!

Kindly also let us know if you have comments or criticism. We want to hear of your feedback! Just send us an e-mail.

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