Graffiti Analog Clock FREE

Tomoyuki Ono



<> This is an analog clock widget, such as graffiti painted by freehand on your home screen. [FREE version]
Of course, every time redraw, will be completely different graffiti.

<> You can change the "Graffiti skill" from 3 levels (at FREE version).
Without the BG, it looks like a graffiti painted directly to the wallpaper.

<> Enjoy the "Analog feeling" of graffiti!!

- This app is WIDGET. After install, you must put it on your home from the widget list.

- In rare case, widgets will not be added to the list. This is a problem of Android. In this case, re-install the app or reboot the phone.

- In Android, all widgets can not be used in the SD card. You must download to the internal storage.

[Settings at this "FREE version"]
- "Skill": 3 levels.
- "Redraw interval": 10,20,30sec. and 1min.
- "Pen Thickness": 7 types.
- "Quality": 3 levels.
- Semi-transparent pen.
- Semi-transparent BG.
- Supports "Widget resizing" future. (* Requires Android 3.1 or higher.)
- Supports "Lock screen widget" future. (* Requires Android 4.2 or higher.)

## Information: There is also "Full Spec version"
Many settings will be able to use at "Full Spec version":
- Will be able to choose the 4th (lowest) sill level "What is this?."
- Will be able to choose "Pen color": 10 colors,
- Will be able to choose "BG color" from 5 colors.

"Graffiti Analog Clock" (Full Spec version) page on Google play is:

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