Swap and Merge(2048 game puzzle)

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Swap and Merge is update version of 2048 game With Amazing Circle Layout. The best 2048 game optimized for Android. Super fast performance and super fun.

How To Play Swap and Merge:
-Merge the card with same number using swap
-Try to achieve 2048 Or higher Score
-Unlock the Level at 1000 Coins
-Complete the levels

- 18 beautiful color themes
- Game is automatically saved
- Endless mode (you can keep playing after 2048... 4096...)
- Sensitivity configuration
- Native android app with super performance and smooth animation
- Share score with friends
- Material design
- Easy of use
- Clean interface
-Amazing themes: Wooden, Night, Neo, Notebook, etc
-No time limit

Enjoy the game with your family ;)
If you have some good ideas about Swap and Merge, please send us an email in the game!