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_¦¦ ?? Wireless Mixer ??¦¦_ ?????????????????????????? Wireless MIDI mixer controller for your favorite computer music application or DAW. It emulates a real mixer console with many functions using MIDI over WiFi. Features: ------- ¦ Multi-touch controls ¦ 6x2 (12) channels ¦ channel level sliders ¦ channel pan sliders ¦ channel solo buttons ¦ channel mute buttons ¦ channel record buttons ¦ 3 user knobs per channel ¦ 2 user buttons per channel ¦ master volume control ¦ mixer state load and save ¦ last state autoload ¦ automatic MIDI apply on load ¦ 128 total assignable controls ¦ MIDI over WiFi connection ¦ rotation animations ¦ tablet support ¦ free NOTE: This is NOT a standalone mixer, it is a control surface (MIDI controller) which requires WiFi connection to a computer with installed music program (like for eg: Reason, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Cakewalk, Logic etc) or a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). See "Usage" menu item in application or refer to: http://trajkovski.net/wmixer/support.html

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