Cat Pet Shop: Girl Craft Story

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Cat, kittens and pets with crafting and building in one game! Build, craft, mine (for girls) in a world full of cute fluffy cats! Remember rainbow cat, grouchy cat, George or other famous animals? All the pussies are here. Best of all cat games! Now you can meet them in one game for girls! Play cool “Cat Craft Story: Girls Game” - the best building and crafting game for girls for free! All the cats in one place! Cute animals all around you. Pocket edition of exploration lite! Play with them, build them a house using blocks. Exploration lite of an infinite world full of kittens! Cat sounds in the game include; Meowing and talking! Ginger, dark, colorful - all the cats are here! Become a princess in a girls craft game! Meet the piano - keyboard cat, the long cat, puss in boots - say to them: hi! Kitty is the main animal in this game. Use your imagination to build anything you want. Build a whole city or a small house. Girls craft with cats - cuteness overload! It’s not another talking cat - Tom game, not another virtual pet game - it’s a sandbox world game where you build, do the exploration and crafting. What’s more, you can make friends with cats, have fun with them. A great adventure game for girls. With us you will find only free games for girls! Best quality. Use your imagination and create! Build a Nail Salon, Pet Shop or Hair salon! This game is not really a cat simulator or a game for cats - it’s a blocky world simulator game full of kittens and other pussy cats! Make friends with the talking cats! Name them Tom, Angela - give them nicknames like Ginger or George. Meet them all from Nyan to Kittler Cat! From Venus to Long Cat or Keyboard Cat! All for free! The best free games for girls! Let the cat princess craft adventure begin! UPCOMING FEATURES: Multiplayer (multicraft) Crafting items Building craft mode World Craft Story Skyblock free mode Cute Story mode (cat Quest!) Survival exploration lite mode Cube Block Craft mode Explore the world full of kittens Build, craft and have fun! Be creative!

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