Wine Catalog



Tired of not remember if you liked or disliked a wine when they offer it again? Bored of reading the wine list of a restaurant and not remember which is the wine you loved? Annoyed that a simple application need data connection or access to your agenda? WineCatalog is a small application that helps you keep track of wines you've been testing with the passage of time, catalog wine based on some commons criteria and add your own comments and tasting notes. Also you can add a picture of the bottle to help you remember the wine. The application allows you to edit the wine whenever you want. In addition, some specific data, such as region, type of wine and maturation have memory, remembering the values ??that you typed in the past, so you do not have to retype them. Do not worry if the image is blurred, when you will take the picture, will be a picture autofocus, worry only about the frame. The permissions required for the application are: 1.Acceso to SD card: To save the database with the wines that go adding. 2.Access to the camera: To take pictures of the bottles (if you wish). 3.Acceso to mobile vibration: To indicate when you take a picture from the bottle. Use Conditions: Privacy Policy:

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