Microstrip Calc Lite




If you search for Microwave toolbox, Microstrip Calc is for you. It is easy to use, eyecandy calculator for microstrips, couplers/dividers, striplines and many others. For example you can calculate all impedances for your Wilkinson divider and write it into PC application (Ansoft Designer, Microwave Office...), without use complex equations. Short tutorial: http://thesurix.blogspot.com/2012/07/microstrip-calc-ansoft-designer.html -------In Lite Version-------- -Wire Microstrip -Wilkinson Divider -Rat Race Coupler/Divider -Symmetric Stripline -Tee Attenuator -Electrical Length --------In Full Version------ >Microstrips: -Microstrip -Embedded Microstrip -Edge Coupled Microstrip -Wire Microstrip >Dividers: -Wilkinson Divider -Unequal Wilkinson -Two Section Wilkinson -Unequal Two Section Wilkinson -Rat Race Coupler/Divider -Branchline Coupler/Divider -Unequal Branchline >Striplines: -Symmetric Stripline -Symmetric Wire Stripline -Assymetric Stripline >Attenuators: -Tee Attenuator -Pi Attenuator -Bridged Tee Attenuator -Reflection Attenuator -Balanced Attenuator >Others: -Electrical Length -Strap Inductance -Wire Inductance -Air Core Solenoid Inductance -Air Core Flat Spiral Inductance -Toroid Inductance and more to come!!!

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